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About Barb Stetzer of Misty Travel

About Barb

As a restless adolescent from the suburbs, my goal was to see far more of the world than just downtown Pittsburgh. Visiting the museum, the library, and going to the planetarium and the symphony all contributed to my growing wanderlust.

Hoping to become a flight attendant, it was a disappointment to be turned down because of height limitations imposed at that time. But being grounded only served to make me seek other ways of seeing the world. I’ve combed the entire eastern seaboard from Nova Scotia to Florida and traversed the United States and visited almost all the Caribbean islands.

My first trip overseas was to Central and Northern Europe — Austria, Hungary, Germany and Finland. But the travel bug was now firmly embedded in my system. This was soon followed by extensive touring with my husband through Italy, Germany and fascinating, fabulous China.

Cruising through the Three Gorges on the Yangtze was for me a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But once small ship cruises take hold, there is no turning back. Sailing the Caribbean on a windjammer, the up-close and personal experience of the wildnerness and glaciers of Alaska, transiting the incredible Panama Canal and listening to the mystical murmur of the Lorelei on the Rhine.

These are the kinds of experiences I strive to achieve for my clients, and I get as much pleasure out of planning travel adventures for them as I do traveling myself.



Over the years, owner Barb Stetzer has earned several industry certifications including:

  • Certified Travel Consultant designation
    The highest accreditation in the travel industry, conferred by The Travel Institute upon travel professionals who complete an advanced two-level certification program, demonstrate extensive industry knowledge and experience, and exemplify the highest standard of professionalism. This certification requires fulfillment of annual continuing education credits.
  • Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC) designation
    This required completion of a comprehensive program of cruise sales, classroom training, and product instruction, delivered through a combination of ship inspections and personal cruise experience. CLIA certified cruise counselors are widely recognized as the foremost cruise vacation experts among American travel professionals.

Barb and her husband live in a beautiful rural area near Seaford, Delaware, about 45 minutes from Rehoboth Beach, with their four rescued cats, including, Smokey and Misty. Their home faces the west where they view gorgeous sunsets. Having a home office allows Barb to have four furry assistants at her side to welcome clients and keep her working area at a minimum while they leisurely plan adventures at either side of the keyboard.